February 8, 2021  |  Expertise

Accelerating connections and conversions to more deeply engage the Natural-Minded Consumer

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Ideabar believes in brands that provide choices to consumers in their pursuit of personal wellness and a cleaner world.

Our knowledge in this space is deep, wide and varied.

Our clients range from Georgia’s Department of Agriculture to a clean energy company based in Texas. From a nonprofit protecting the health of the Chattahoochee River to a fitness studio offering state-of-the-art rowing workouts. From a supplement based on groundbreaking research into human milk to leading medical practices.

You’ll recognize some of the names: Canopy Growth, LaCroix, Garden of Life, Pyure Organic, to name just a few.

One area of our expertise is the Natural-Minded Consumer.

Ideabar has gotten to know this consumer so well through our work across industries that we’ve created profiles of two targets worth engaging:

The SuperNaturals: Passionate about health and nutrition, the Supernatural target feels strongly that each of us has a personal obligation to be environmentally responsible and to use recycled products whenever possible.

Healthy-ish: This target strives to live a healthier life and is working toward a well-balanced diet. As Gen Xers and Boomers, they are slightly older than SuperNaturals.

During the pandemic, those consumers have prioritized health like never before.

Surveys show that they view healthy food, regular exercise, dietary supplements and vitamins, and a proactive approach to health as more important to them than it was in 2019*.

What they’re seeking now through 2022:

  • Functionality in food and beverage, particularly as it relates to immunity, relaxation and sleep
  • Plant-based substitutes (Nielsen data shoes that sales of plant-based milk substitutes grew 19 percent in the past year, while plant-based meat sales increased 46 percent)
  • At-home fitness options that are innovative and interactive, such as Peloton and The Mirror
  • Sustainable packaging
  • A good night’s sleep

Ideabar would love to help your wellness brand better reach the SuperNaturals and the Healthy-ish targets. Our services include research, branding, creative, integrated media and interactive.

For a copy of our full presentation about engaging the Natural-Minded Consumer in 2021 and beyond, please contact Dana Wardeh, our director of client engagement, at dana.wardeh@coxinc.com.

*Source: The State and Future of Natural & Organic (New Hope Network, 2020)

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