The Natural-Minded Consumer

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We believe in brands that give natural-minded consumers choices in the pursuit of personal wellness and a cleaner world. We know what motivates Super Natural and Healthy-ish consumers to engage, buy and advocate for purpose-driven brands. And our strategists have a view into what this consumer will want 18 months from now.

How well do you know the SuperNaturals and the Healthy-ish?

In our Seeing Green presentation, we’ll take a deep dive into two subsets of the Natural Minded Consumer: the SuperNaturals and the Healthy-ish. During the pandemic, these consumers have prioritized health like never before. In this presentation, we dig into what makes these consumers tick and what they are seeking now through 2022.

Telling Provenance Stories with Blockchain Technology

 What exactly is blockchain technology? And how can it help your brand attract natural-minded consumers who demand authenticity?

The ABCs of the CBD consumer

In Ideabar’s pursuit of a natural-minded consumer across industries, and in our groundbreaking work in the cannabis space, we’ve gotten to know the CBD consumer well.

5 things challenger energy bar brands should know

Ideabar’s proprietary research uncovered insights into the energy bar market. Want to know more?  Read our blog.

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