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Changing Minds: 

Dania Pointe, a vibrant Kimco shopping and entertainment center in South Florida, was on the cusp of unveiling four major new tenants. However, the center was challenged to dispel consumer misconceptions that had arisen due to prolonged construction delays and establish itself as a truly unique and iconic destination. Despite boasting some of the finest restaurants and hotels in the area, Dania Pointe struggled to shake off the shadow of the past. Recognizing the urgency to reposition itself in the market, Dania Pointe sought the expertise of Ideabar to spearhead a comprehensive rebranding initiative, fostering a sense of “FOMO” (fear of missing out) among local and travel audiences. The collaboration aimed to create an alluring narrative that would not only captivate but also cement Dania Pointe’s status as the go-to destination in South Florida. Our rebranding work resulted in a new tagline that captured the joy and connection to the everyday: “Dania Pointe. Welcome to the Sunny Side.”  

Moving Markets: 

The rebranding initiative yielded noteworthy results, increasing brand awareness, driving a surge in tenant occupancy rates and attracting a substantial rise in foot traffic, solidifying Dania Pointe’s position as an iconic destination. Notably, the International Council of Shopping Centers recognized Dania Pointe’s transformation by selecting it as a finalist for a global MAXI award, which acknowledges innovative contributions that add value and creativity to the retail marketplace. Following the launch of the new brand, the property celebrated a remarkable 72% increase in total sales, accompanied by an impressive additional $4.2 million in restaurant sales and a substantial $2.3 million jump in tenant-reported sales compared to the previous year.  

Building on a brand persona of the Consummate Hostess, Ideabar developed a new look and feel for the South Florida lifestyle center that integrated tropical colors and inviting language.

Following the launch of the new brand, Dania Pointe celebrated a 72% increase in total sales, an additional $4.2 million in restaurant sales and a $2.3 million jump in tenant-reported sales compared to the previous year.

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