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After 22 years of presenting the same “Nutcracker,” Atlanta Ballet invested $3.7 million in an all-new, breakthrough “Nutcracker” for the next generation. With modern choreography, special effects and an internationally renowned production team, the new “Nutcracker” needed to capture untapped audience segments who wouldn’t consider ballet as a seasonal entertainment option while not alienating core audiences who loved the original. Ideabar asked the company to consider marketing to a different kind of consumer – the kind that appreciates spectacle performance – while still speaking to their core.

Moving markets

With fewer performances and higher ticket prices, Atlanta Ballet set new box-office records. They saw a 27 percent increase in ticket sales year over year and a 24 percent increase in average ticket price. It was the company’s highest-grossing “Nutcracker” in its history.

"You were incredible partners on this journey." — Tricia Ekholm, Chief Marketing Officer

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