January 26, 2021  |  Expertise

The Demand for Climate Labels is Increasing

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Climate-conscious consumers are now demanding carbon labelling, and companies across the world are responding.

It is becoming equally as important that labels indicate how good or bad a product is for the planet as it is for your body.

A poll commissioned by the Carbon Trust reported that two-thirds of consumers support carbon labelling on products and are more likely to think positively about a brand that could demonstrate it had lowered the carbon footprint of its products.

“The sustained and high levels of consumer support for carbon labelling suggests that passing this information on to increasingly well-informed and climate-conscious consumers can also enhance a company’s reputation and market share.”- Hugh Jones, Managing Director, Advisory, the Carbon Trust

To tackle the climate crisis, brands must first be honest about their carbon footprint. It has never been more important for companies to crunch data to work out emissions across their whole production chain.

However, evaluating their product’s true carbon footprint is just the beginning. This calculation is not the end goal but rather the means to achieving a year-over-year carbon reduction and the information to help inform consumer’s purchases.

What companies do with this data to reduce their footprint and market this information will convert natural-minded consumers and build brand loyalty. Companies now have an opportunity to come together to inform consumers of their choices by marketing this information.

These three brands are calculating, offsetting and marketing their carbon footprints well:

  1. Oatly
  2. Just Salad
  3. Quorn

Driving positive environmental change is one of the most important ways we live out our purpose to build a better future for the next generation.

Companies that can market their sustainable initiatives and measure their carbon footprint will continue to be the clear choice for consumers.

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