October 24, 2017  |  Ideabar News

A wild 50 years: ideabar helps local treasure, lion country safari, celebrate a major milestone

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A WILD 50 YEARS, Lion Country Safari marks a major milestone

For both residents and visitors, Lion Country Safari – the nation’s first self-described “drive-through cageless zoo” – has been a must-visit West Palm Beach attraction since opening in 1967.

With 4 miles of drivable grounds, as well as walkable areas, feeding areas, 200 campsites and nearly 1,000 animals on-site with which visitors can interact, LCS provides everything you’d get in a safari to Africa – minus the transcontinental flight.

In anticipation of its 50th anniversary – and to remind residents of this local treasure – LCS asked Ideabar for help in promotion.

“We’ve worked with The Palm Beach Post for decades, but never with an agency. After our first meeting with Ideabar, we were sold,” said Jennifer Berthiaume, director of marketing and public relations for LCS. “Ideabar spent quite a bit of time with our marketing team to develop a plan that worked. The transition was seamless.”

In addition to creating a special 50th anniversary logo, Ideabar created a multifaceted campaign strategy that emphasized the myriad components that made Lion Country Safari such a unique, cost-effective and family-friendly place to visit over and over again.

Jennifer Berthiaume, director of marketing and public relations, and Brian Dowling, general curator, hand-feed lettuce to LCS’s giraffe, Cupid.

“The creative done for Lion Country Safari by Ideabar is amazing,” Berthiaume noted. “The first thing I said when I saw the art is that it has a ‘national feel’ to it. And with the recent awards Ideabar has won, it’s proof that their work is pretty fantastic!”

LCS’s goals were to reach new customers and showcase its cost-effective coupon offerings. “With this new partnership, we have done that,” Berthiaume said.

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