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Creating Innovative Ideas That Incite Real Action

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Having your voice be heard is only possible through a genuine, articulate story. Everyone has a story to tell, but how you share it determines the impact it can have. Ideabar is a Marketing + Media Agency by Cox Media Group that combines creative thinking with data-driven solutions in order to tell powerful brand stories.

Based in West Palm Beach, we were founded on a simple idea; that meaningful marketing is only possible through meaningful connections. Our connections with organizations in 2012 is what inspired us to combine the art of marketing with the science of media. We quickly learned that every organization had a valuable story to tell, but not everyone possessed the tools to effectively share it.

This led a group of results-driven, wildly creative, digital natives to start Ideabar, an agency dedicated to giving our customers the spotlight they deserve. Our aim from the beginning has been to share the stories of organizations that are struggling to find their voice and we’ve never wavered from that founding principle. Offering a modern mix of boutique marketing services and advanced media solutions, there’s no shortage of ways in which we can help you thrive. We hope you will spend some time getting to know us, as we can’t wait to get to know you.

The World is Waiting

Ideabar is based in West Palm Beach and is proud to work with organizations near and far who are ready to have their voice be heard. As an advertising agency, we understand that it takes a team of collaborative specialists who believe in what they create. That is why we have assembled a group of individuals who, together, can create innovative work that inspires others to act. From creative writers to data analysts, we have compiled a multi-talented team that’s united under a common goal; to help worthy organizations receive the recognition they deserve. The quality of the work we create is dependent on the relationships we form with our clients. Ideabar strives to take the time needed to gain a thorough understanding of your business from top to bottom. This allows us to provide educated advice and insight that is tailored to the specific needs of your company. That’s our mission. We look forward to sharing yours.

Connect with Your Audience

Ideabar specializes in providing digital marketing services that are designed to connect your organization with the right audience. We’re experienced in working closely with our clients in order to take their story and share it on multiple digital platforms. The digital marketing landscape is always evolving and knowing how to navigate it requires in-depth analysis and creative thinking. Ideabar is fluent in all media, allowing us to give our clients a platform to share meaningful stories that impact the bottom line. Establishing An online presence is imperative to the growth and success of your organization. Let our team provide you with insightful, data-driven solutions that ensure your voice is being heard. Whether you’re based in West Palm Beach or on the other side of the country, Ideabar will work diligently to attract an engaged audience that your organization deserves to serve.

Where Creation Comes Alive

Nothing excites us more than creating ideas that go on to incite action. You can spend hours determining your marketing strategy and analyzing relevant data, but without thinking creatively about establishing your organization’s presence, you’re less likely to leave a lasting impression on others.

Advertisements are prevalent in the day-to-day lives of consumers, so finding a way to stand out from the crowd and connect with an audience is more challenging than ever. Luckily, Ideabar is experienced in creating campaigns for our clients that not only stand out from the rest, but ultimately function to help their organizations thrive. Nothing excites us more than brainstorming innovative ways to effectively portray our clients’ core beliefs. Together, let’s get the creative juices flowing and start thinking outside the box. By combining creative ideas with informed strategy, we’ll produce an effective campaign that is bound to deliver results.

Show the World What You’re Worth

Consumers rely more and more on the internet to provide them with the services and products they need in a flash. As the Information Age continues to build steam, consumers are prone to distinguishing professional, proven organizations from amateur ones in an instant. A company’s website is the ultimate teller of an organization’s capabilities. A sleek, user-friendly website that communicates an articulate, poignant vision encourages the consumer to trust in the organization, while an under-developed website will drive consumers away almost instantly. Ideabar is able to provide quality web design services that ensure your website works in your favor, not against it. With the ability to customize websites to accommodate the specific needs of our clients, your website will function as an effective tool for your organization, demonstrating to consumers just how valuable you are. A website is a formidable platform to establish your identity, communicate your vision, and show off your skills. Let Ideabar show the world what you’re worth.

Build a Brand That Rocks as Much as You

Marketing your organization is only possible after first establishing your brand. Developing your brand is a multi-faceted process that includes creating a logo, finding your voice, defining your key messages, and more. The conception of your brand is only meaningful if you stay true to it. Ideabar is passionate about helping our clients present themselves in a way that rocks as much as their organization does. As an organization, you know how capable you are of servicing others, but may not know exactly how to communicate that. We take pride in creating a unique brand for your organization that accurately depicts just how valuable you are.

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Every organization has a powerful story to tell – one that impacts the bottom line. Come to Ideabar. Own your story.