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Ideabar: The Art of Marketing + the Science of Media

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Welcome to Ideabar! We are an ultra-modern, totally unique boutique marketing and media agency housed within the Cox Media Group, one of the largest private media companies in the world.

At Ideabar, we have one simple, overriding philosophy that drives everything we do in marketing + media:

research + branding + creative + digital = storytelling that generates action

We believe that every organization, large or small, has a unique and interesting story to tell. At Ideabar, stories are our passion. In fact, stories are at the heart of our very own origin story. Once upon a time, our founders met with a few hundred media clients at a Cox Media Group newspaper and asked them to tell the stories of their organizations. During these in-depth exchanges, we heard fascinating organizational tales that each communicated in their own way a clear need for cogent and persuasive marketing + media ideas that could serve as catalysts for change. Enter Ideabar: a place where a handful of crazy-talented, data-driven, hyper-creative, digital experts who are fluent in every facet of media work together to tell powerful brand stories. The art of marketing + the science of media is the heart and soul of every story we tell at Ideabar.

What’s your story? Ideabar’s marketing rock stars are here in Fort Lauderdale, FL, to help you tell your story to the world!

Digital Marketing and Media

What makes Ideabar so unique? We think it’s our values, including kindness, talent, productivity, customer service, and finding happiness in the work. Everyone on our team is committed to these values. We don’t let ego get in the way of progress and we say “yes” whenever possible. Our happy, highly-skilled crew has created and built the top digital marketing agency in the country! Our thoroughly modern mix of marketing + science creates powerful digital media marketing and online marketing services that translate directly into real ROI growth. Our satisfied, smiling customers are our most important indicator of success. And, because we are by far the best digital marketing agency out there, we can attract and retain remarkably talented people.

Ideabar’s award-winning digital media advertising and marketing efforts can be seen across a variety of industries, including real estate development, healthcare, higher education, auto, retail, and arts and entertainment. Our unbeatable team can tell the story of any business in any industry on any media platform!

Creative Marketing

Creativity is at the heart of Ideabar. Mixing the art of marketing + the science of media and using the result to tell stories takes creativity. Our creative digital marketing agency takes seriously the truth that ideas expressed powerfully will incite action. We understand that the best ideas cause change: clients engage, tickets sell, students register, buyers commit, patients recall, donors donate, and minds move. Ideabar’s creative advertising agency uses a modern mix of boutique marketing services and advanced media solutions. Our talented and creative marketing professionals are the best in the business; that’s why we’re one of the top creative agencies in the country. Our #1 goal is to tell stories in creative and powerful ways to create growth and improve the bottom line.


Ideabar’s digital advertising agency is unsurpassed. Our team of advertising pros is made up of talented, data-driven, crazy-creative, digital natives who can expertly use every media platform available to create and communicate your advertising message in ways you’ve never imagined. Our images and messages can be seen nationally; Ideabar’s advertising agency provides services from NYC to Los Angeles, Miami to Seattle, and everywhere in between. However, our creative teams are based in sunny Florida because we believe sunshine + playtime = happy creatives and happy clients.


A strong, solid brand represents a promise between you and your customers and has value beyond measure. Ideabar’s branding agency team will work with you to create a strong brand and message. Using a Visual Identity System with logos, colors, and other identifiers, we’ll create a brand that’s instantly recognizable and that clearly communicates who you are. We’ll also carefully craft a Communication Map to ensure you get your message across clearly. All our branding agency services are focused on helping you tell your story.  and on making other advertising and marketing efforts more successful.

Our top branding agency will also put a team of happy, smiling, talented creatives to work on refreshing a tired, stale brand. Our brand team includes 30 full-time, professional brand strategists as well as a number of other team members, including account managers, graphic designers, front- and back-end developers, photographers, videographers, art directors, writers, research analysts, and media buyers. Additionally, all our brand design agency clients benefit from a network of marketing, media, and creative specialists at Cox, and the entire Ideabar pool of professionals.

Web Design

Ideabar’s creativity really shines when our web development company gets to work on web design! The best website designs tell stories, and no one tells stories better than our website designers! Ideabar’s web design services use bold and interesting graphics, gorgeous photography, and professional videos to tell your story. A website designed by Ideabar will capture the hearts and minds of your customers; with the power of your story you can drive your bottom line.

Come and meet our team of creative designers at “Happy Hour” where the ideas are on us! We’ll share our most creative, most dynamic, and most exciting ideas. At Ideabar, Research + Branding + Creative + Digital = Ideas that incite action.

Ideabar is a nation-wide marketing + media agency with offices in Atlanta, Dayton, Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach. Our business philosophy is simple: research + branding + creative + design results in powerful storytelling. Our core company values, excellent benefits, and fabulous corporate culture make it easy to attract and retain exceptionally talented professionals from around the world. Our clients benefit from our unique, modern mix of marketing services and advanced media solutions joyfully provided by our amazing team of creative marketing and media whizzes.

At Ideabar, we know that a ideas powerfully expressed incite action. We understand that the best ideas convert: clients engage, tickets sell, buyers decide, students enroll, and minds change.

Every organization has a story to tell; telling your unique and inspiring story will lead to unbelievable growth. Come to Ideabar. Let’s get your story out there!

Own your story. Contact Ideabar today!

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Every organization has a powerful story to tell – one that impacts the bottom line. Come to Ideabar. Own your story.