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How Building a Brand Helps in Atlanta

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Making Your Brand Work for You

If you’ve been in business for multiple decades, there’s a good chance that you remember the days when the only way to get your message out to your potential customers was to advertise through traditional media. It didn’t matter if you were trying to sell event tickets, auto parts, restaurant reservations or a lifestyle change, your only chances to create your brand were to advertise in print, on billboards, on the radio or on television and hope that people got the message that you were trying to create.

Needless to say, those days are gone, and businesses are better for it. Well, that’s not necessarily true. Businesses are better for it—when they recognize the opportunity that they have to make the most of their chance to tell their story and build their brand. When businesses fail to take advantage of this chance, they find themselves falling behind their competition and unable to establish themselves in the minds of their customers.

But when businesses get the word out there about who they are, what they stand for and what they can do for the client, they stand out and create an edge for themselves. At ideabar, that’s what we’re all about for our friends in the Atlanta business community. We want to help businesses build their brand, and we’re proud to use multiple strategies to help get that done. We want you to take your business to the level you want to reach. We want you to meet us for a ”Happy Hour.” The ideas are on us!

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

As Herbert Powell once said, “This is America, and in America, you’re never finished as long as you have a brain in your head, because all a man really needs is an idea.” However, one idea is merely the beginning of a business. In order to make your business really succeed, you need to be creative and come up with fresh, new ideas. Specifically, you need ideas on how to solve problems that exist in your customers’ lives.

That’s where we come in. Our creative digital marketing agency will go to work for you and craft your brand toward solving your customers’ problems. Not only will we advertise exactly what your clients need to hear to consider your business to solve a problem, we’ll help them realize that they have a problem and you can help them solve it. For example, if your business focuses on roofing jobs, a customer might not realize that the roof is something that they need to inspect when they purchase a new home. With our team on the job, we’ll help present the information in a way that makes them realize what they need to have done and that your team can help you solve the issue. Call 561.820.4280 to start planning a strategy!

Branding Matters

Every time your logo or name shows up in front of a customer’s eyes, you have an opportunity to make them your customer for life. That’s one of the most basic parts of branding: think of every interaction as an opportunity to connect with a customer and create loyalty to your brand. The best way to do this is by speaking to the customer in a language that makes sense to them and offers them a solution to a real issue.

That’s one of our specialties. Our brand marketing agency will make sure that your brand stays on point and stands for what you want your company to stand for. If you have a certain belief that you want reflected in your brand, our team can make sure that Palm Beach County recognizes your brand as something that stands for that trait. For example, you might want to make sure that your customers see your brand as an honest one that stands for doing the right thing in all circumstances. We can make sure to emphasize that customers can trust you and count on you to do the job right for them the first time.

Or maybe you want your brand to stand for saving money for your customers. Our branding advertising agency is happy to do that as well, pushing your efforts to cut your costs and pass the savings on to your customers. In any case, we’re here at ideabar to bring your vision to life and put our ideas to work for you. Call 561.820.4280 to begin!

Put the Web to Work

The internet is your chance to show off your messaging and emphasize the best parts of your business. At ideabar, we know what a good opportunity looks like, and we’re certainly not going to waste one here. Our web design services team will craft a dynamic, bold web site that drives traffic in your direction and gets you the leads that you need to build your business into something bigger.

Plus, you’ll be free to emphasize any aspect of your branding that you want. If you’re seeing good returns in one area but want to build your business in another, we can make that happen. Our web design agency can focus your website on those areas in a way that generates leads for you that can make you money and make your team happy.

In a market like Atlanta, you can’t leave any advantage unexplored, and at ideabar, we’re constantly looking for ways to get our clients one or more steps ahead of the competition. If you’re ready to plan a new strategy, meet us for a ”Happy Hour.” The ideas are on us!

Tell Your Story through Digital Media Marketing

Let us create and tell your brand stories through digital media marketing. Our digital media marketing experts are is data-driven, wildly creative, and digital natives who tell power brand stories in all media. We believe that every business has a valuable story to tell. Come to ideabar. Own your story.

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