July 14, 2021  |  Culture

How to maintain your creative spark in a remote work environment

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Here at Ideabar, I have been lucky to be able to work from home during the pandemic. Our creative design team has been very productive working this way. We connect through Microsoft Teams each day and help each other work on client projects to give them the best possible solutions to their daily demands.

While that has worked well for most of us, working from home can be challenging and stressful. How do you stay inspired when you aren’t in the same space with your workmates? It can get lonely, and it’s just a bit harder to keep up the momentum when working alone.


Here are a few tips that have helped me get through each day:

Let Nature Inspire You

I love watching things grow, so I created a small container garden. You can, too. You can grow all kinds of herbs, flowers, vegetables, even strawberries. I also have a bird feeder that gives me endless joy and entertainment. Try it. Take out your camera that is gathering dust and experiment a bit taking photos of flowers, insects, birds or whatever interests you. These are healthy ways to break up your day and ease the stress of work.


Staying fit is always a great thing to do, but it’s more important than ever while working from home. It’s so easy to just sit for hours at a time. GET MOVING. It’s great for brain power and maintaining positivity in your life by increasing your endorphins. You have more energy and think more clearly when you exercise. If you don’t have any exercise equipment at home, do some stretching or simple jumping jacks or go for a short walk around your neighborhood. Or if your gym is nearby, take some time in the middle of the day and jump on the treadmill or lift some weights. Some of my best solutions to creative problems have come to me while on my stationary bike or rowing machine.

Bring Music Into Your Life

Music can enhance your work. Sometimes, when I need to concentrate, softer background music can help drown out that silence in the room. Or sometimes you just need to rock out to some Led Zeppelin or Queen. It’s your choice. Or, if you can, pick up an instrument and learn to play some chords. That will keep you focused and enhance your mood.


There are many other ways to stay inspired and you’ll find what works for you. Give yourself a break when you are feeling stressed. Your mental health is very important. Call on a friend if you need to vent. Communicate with your team as often as you need to. They are in the same boat as you, so lean on them if necessary. And lastly, try to stay positive and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

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