June 5, 2019  |  Expertise

Brand perception studies: The fuel for a fast product launch

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Global brand managers under pressure to launch products as quickly as possible frequently need to test brand perceptions on the fly and iterate as they go.

Here are tips for expediting the fielding of brand perception studies based on a recent study that Ideabar’s insight team launched in nine countries and three languages over a couple of weeks for a global CPG brand:

Select a tool that displays visual brand assets well

If you’re asking respondents to answer questions about images or videos, you want to make sure your panel of respondents can see the images / videos clearly, regardless of what device they are using.

If the images are detailed, or include copy, you want to make sure your respondents can zoom in on the image.

Select panelist recruitment partners who are willing to work in the survey tool you choose so that you aren’t fielding data from multiple survey platforms

Consistency is key: The more platforms you’re dealing with, the more likely it is for errors to occur.

Questions may be lost in translation, or question-and-answer structures may vary from one platform to the other. Inconsistency may negatively impact the reliability of your results.

Randomization functionality is essential for testing visual assets so that results are not skewed by presenting the same priority order to all respondents

Order bias occurs when answer options are presented in the same order for every respondent.

Respondents are often more likely to select either the first option presented to them (primacy bias) or the last option presented to them (recency bias). The best way to control for order bias is through randomization logic.

Having a balanced respondent pool that starts by mirroring the general population is essential to obtaining actionable insights.

If you want your results to be representative of the general population, it is important that you balance demographics, such as the age and gender of your recruited respondent pool, so it mirrors that of the U.S. census population estimates.

“At Ideabar, we get brand managers the invaluable insights they need fast, without ever sacrificing the quality of the research,” says Renata Maia de Needell, senior research supervisor. “When we build research into our brand-building process, brand managers and our strategists are prepared to react quickly to the findings, thus providing our clients with a great advantage over their competitors.”

Why are brand perception studies important tools?

Brand development informed by perception studies helps brand managers build brands that will connect right out of the gate.

The research either confirms that a brand’s creative and visual expressions are on point or alerts brand managers to make changes before they make additional investments of time, energy and money.

When you can field quality studies, even on a global scale, faster than the speed of business, you can stay a step ahead of your competition and launch your brand in a timely manner.

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