Launching a first-to-market supplement derived from human milk

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Changing Minds:

Trulacta, the first-to-market supplement that contains 100% human milk, retained Ideabar to build a direct-to-consumer brand in a category that didn’t previously exist. This revolutionary product is formulated by nature, perfected by science and provides superior support of whole-body health. Our data-driven brand build included a deep immersion into the brand, culture and consumer perceptions to create an unbeatable brand story. Our brand work included brand meaning, positioning, naming, visual and verbal identity development and was expressed in product packaging designs, an e-commerce website, multi-media launch campaigns and a corporate social responsibility program.

Moving Markets:

The new Trulacta brand launched in the U.S. and Canada and, for the first time in human history, allowed consumers to purchase a revolutionary supplement entirely derived from human milk. From the body, for the body.

“The Trulacta brand launch was an amazing accomplishment and we couldn’t have done it without the Ideabar team! Your responsiveness and commitment to delivering high-quality work far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your partnership. I will always be an Ideabar fan!” – Christopher Tracey, CEO

The website created for Trulacta captures the brand’s promise to promote health and wellbeing with nature. The jewel, mint, cream and sage color palette represent harmony, growth, balance and strength, and the photography captures peak moments of contentedness and whole-body health. The logo mark was used as a design treatment throughout the website and custom icons were created to promote the product benefits. Customer testimonials and calls to action were incorporated throughout with a simple customer path to purchase.


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