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A strategic rebrand and “Press On” campaign sets major American journalism organization on growth path

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Changing minds

The “Press On” project is the result of a tightly focused brand strategy expressed by Ideabar in a new visual and verbal brand identity system that recognizes The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s long history, points to an increasingly digital future and highlights the personal calling and rigorous work of its journalists. All products by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution will carry a single, new masthead designed by Ideabar to ensure readers know all news and information by the organization is credible, fact-based local journalism, regardless of where or how it is published. The move comes after an unprecedented year for the journalism organization’s public service journalism focused on public health, social issues, and Georgia elections.

Moving markets

In-depth research conducted in part by Ideabar reveals that readers turn to the organization for real, rigorous news and that they see an active free press as essential to a functioning democracy. The scope of Ideabar’s work with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution included brand strategy in partnership with Davis Brand Capital; a visual and verbal brand identity system for all B2C and B2B communications; creation of a multi-media creative campaign for print, outdoor, broadcast, social and a wide variety of digital channels; integrated multi-media planning and buying; development of updated creative assets across all brand touchpoints and divisions, including brand marketing, consumer revenue and B2B; campaign videos for broadcast and social; shareable social assets; documentation of the new brand strategy and visual and verbal system in an in-depth brand guide; and templates and libraries for ongoing adaptation and production.

“This campaign shows we finally found our voice,” said Executive Editor Kevin Riley. “This puts into words and visuals what we always felt about our work. Press On is our new rally cry.”

“Ideabar played an absolutely crucial role in bringing Press On to life,” said Vice President of Marketing Amy Chown. “They not only brought a bold, smart and modern visual identity to our brand, their passion for journalism and respect for the work of journalists truly shaped what is some of the finest work in our industry.”

“It comes at an important time for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and all newspapers. I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of the work they produced and the way they collaborated with us through a very extensive project,” Chown said.

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