Cirro Energy

A leading U.S. integrated power company finds a new agency home for one of its electricity brands, exceeding their sales goals by 22%.

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Changing Minds:

Cirro Energy, a residential electricity provider in Texas, needed to build brand awareness and increase new customer acquisition in a low-interest category and hired Ideabar to ensure their media strategy was optimal in a competitive deregulated energy market. Ideabar analyzed Cirro’s existing customer data and combined these insights with Cirro’s existing target consumer to refine our audience targeting strategy.  We analyzed past media plans and conducted additional market and media research to develop a more optimal integrated media plan. Ideabar’s digital and linear media strategy was coupled with a comprehensive custom reporting dashboard providing actionable insights and real-time visualization, ensuring we continuously deliver the best performing media tactics to the right audiences and provide performance tracking against Cirro’s business goals.

Moving Markets:

With a 16% increase in spend from the prior year and a more optimized integrated media buy, Cirro experienced strong performance, including a 24% YOY increase in call volume, with record breaking calls in July and August. Web traffic also increased at a rate of 195% YOY, and new customer acquisitions were up 15% YOY, which was 22% above their goal.

“Going live in mass for the first time during Q1 made a huge difference. Brand Awareness Indicators went way up. Q1 was the best performance in the history of the company.” — Rebecca Emrick, Director of Marketing

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