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Ideabar insights inform our clients’ positioning, branding and media plans. We license a robust portfolio of data sets and build custom proprietary studies. Our in-house research team is known for its responsiveness and intellectual rigor.

01Consumer Insights

Our in-house analysts build target consumer profiles that consider the client’s business metrics, demographics, media habits, interests and behaviors. These targets inform brand builds, creative concepts and media plans.

02Brand Perceptions

Ideabar will map the market landscape to identify brand opportunity, brand relevance and brand advantage. We consider the positioning, media tactics and creative campaigns of up to eight competitors and recommend ways to break through in the space.

03Media Analysis

Our media research report details the media habits of the target consumer to serve as the foundation for media strategies, choices and plan. This report includes a comprehensive deep-dive into the media engagement of target consumers, including platforms and devices, types of programming and time of day.

04Proprietary Custom Studies

We work with our clients to create custom studies based on their specific business needs. We identify and target our clients’ ideal customers and provide strategic insights to drive their businesses forward and improve marketing ROI.

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