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The role of social media in promoting startups

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One of the best ways to connect with customers is by introducing yourself on social media, developing your online presence and making the most of your digital platform. After all, more than 70 percent of global internet users are active on social media and, no surprise, that number is growing. By 2020, social media users will hit 3 billion. You’ll need a strong social media game to compete with your more established rivals. If your #squadgoals include upping your social standards, you’ll need the experience of a media + marketing agency who are data-driven, wildly creative, digital natives fluent in all media – ahem, the social media team at Ideabar.

Read on for more info on social media strategy:

Identifying Your Target Audience

One of the primary roles of social media for any company is identifying your target audience. Whether they’re shopping for products and services or just connecting with friends, internet users are more likely to find you on social media where they already spend much of their time. When you put yourself out there on social media, you might discover new audiences you didn’t anticipate. Social media analytics provide detailed insights as to the age and motivations of the people who are checking out your pages. Use this data to refine your focus and market to those groups.

Ideabar helped The Ocean Resort Residences identify multiple audiences to speak to through Facebook and Instagram, and crafted messaging that spoke to each group’s distinct interests and needs.

Brand Credibility

Today it’s all about relationships, but establishing a solid foundation with your customers requires building trust. It takes time to earn that trust, and social media tools can help forge bonds.

In the introductory phase, when you present your product to the world for the first time, be quick and precise with your words and your choice of media. Informational or instructional videos are a great way to introduce a product and demonstrate how your brand can help improve the lives of customers. Regular postings will keep customers informed about important events, deals, or new products and services. Ideabar, for example, has helped Cucina let their clientele know about changes in hours, Halloween parties and Thanksgiving specials. Regular postings instill confidence. They say you’re open for business, and business is booming.

Customer Service and Public Relations

Customer service and public relations are other aspects of establishing credibility. With an active social media team, you can be responsive, answering customer questions and addressing their concerns right on the platform. Social media can also create a tidal wave of enthusiasm as happy customers share your posts and make positive comments. And should you have to manage a crisis, social media allows you to speak directly to your customers, correcting any mistakes.

The startup life is exciting. You can invent your brand messaging and take it directly to your tribe who will wax poetic about your goods or services – but what exactly should you say? That where you’ll need the mad skills of a solid media advertising agency like ideabar, which can provide you with a modern mix of boutique marketing services and advanced media solutions by one of the world’s largest private media companies.

Let’s discuss your social game. Meet us for a “Happy Hour.” The ideas are on us!

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