November 17, 2021  |  Expertise

Steps to a Successful Photoshoot

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Every photoshoot has its steps and procedures.

I have listed the important milestones of the photoshoot process that have been our formula for successful photoshoots in the past:


1. Develop a schedule and shot list
When developing a shot list, it is very important to understand the client’s vision. Once we are aligned with the client, we will have a mix of their wish list and ours in one shot list with exact time breakdown, models and props assigned to each shot.


2. Pick the best photographer for the job

Selecting the right person for the job still applies here. When we are looking for a style and lighting aesthetic, we are close to having that right person. The second thing to consider would be type of equipment being used and access to files after photoshoot.


3. Pick the right locations
Once the shot list has been approved, the art director and photographer will walk through the assigned parts of the photoshoot and select angles and discuss and take notes of the each shot. Sometimes the lighting will change, both art director and photographer will make small adjustments on the spot to keep the shot angles as close as possible to the proposed vision.


4. Select the right models

When considering models, the “look” is very important. Demographics, age and sex are also considered when a selection of models is made. Selection of models can be hard at times, but if they have the right look, that’s the easy part.


5. Make sure your subjects feel comfortable

Photoshoots can be hectic. The clothes, hair and lighting must be right for the shots. Models get fatigued throughout the day, and it’s hard for them to flash that million-dollar smile at times. The art director and photographer must help them feel comfortable with what they need, to be able to create the magical shots we need.


6. Follow the schedule and shot list
Photoshoots can be hectic. Time is money. Throughout the day we are looking at the clock and making sure we get the shot in the allotted time. Sometimes we delay a bit, or we get the pictures quick, but we are making sure we are crossing off the list and staying on time. The client has paid us for a certain amount of time to use the property and the model’s time. We must stay on schedule, so we are maximizing the time we all have together.


If all these steps are followed, you will have a successful photoshoot. Client, models and even photographers will be very content. This organized and successful approach has helped us win more projects through the years.


If you apply any of the steps to your next photoshoot, you will enjoy an organized and smooth day and, of course, the most important part: a happy client.

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