November 6, 2018  |  Ideabar News

Nonprofits need advertising too

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They say charity begins at home, and this is a sentiment I reinforce with my children as I teach them the importance of giving back. My kids have watched me volunteer in the community their whole lives, and even join me for age-appropriate volunteer activities from time to time. But it wasn’t until my tenure as president of The Junior League of the Palm Beaches that I truly understood the marketing and business needs of nonprofit organizations.

Charities are like any other company – the generate income, and they have expenses. The goal for these charities, however, is to get that expense-to-income ratio as low as possible, so most nonprofits don’t enjoy big budgets for advertising and creative services. This is tricky when they need to build a brand, communicate with their target audiences (usually two audiences: the people the organization serves, and the people who donate to fund its operation), and have a strong digital presence.

At Ideabar, we understand this, and we love working with nonprofit clients to identify their most cost-effective options and make the most efficient use of their budgets. But we wanted to do more to give back to the community that has embraced us. So we were proud to announce our “Tell a Powerful Brand Story” $100k Nonprofit Giveaway contest in September. In 2019, one lucky Palm Beach County-based 501(c)3 organization will win Ideabar marketing services of up to $100,000 – so that they, too, can share their story far and wide. It’s our way of showing that our home is where our heart is.

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