September 12, 2018  |  Expertise

How mergers and acquisitions impact your brand

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Mergers and acquisitions can be confusing and overwhelming, but they can also represent a great growth opportunity for businesses.

Here are five ways mergers and acquisitions (M&A) positively affect brands:

  • Increased recognition: Lesser-known brands benefit from M&A by getting recognized faster.
  • Exponential growth: Many small brands find their company grows faster than if they were trying to achieve this growth organically.
  • Narrowed competition: Often merging two brands creates a stronger brand.
  • Fewer out-of-pocket costs: For struggling brands, M&A means more investment capital.
  • Tax benefits: Smaller brands sometimes find their tax burden diminished when a larger company steps into the picture.

Despite all the advantages, business owners may worry how the M&A will affect their organization’s brand.

We can help.

Ideabar’s team of data-driven, wildly creative, digital natives tell powerful brand stories in all media. As brand builders, we can help your brand navigate the uncharted territory of M&A transition.

We can offer solutions to help avoid alienating your brand’s loyalists.

We’ll work with you to seamlessly refresh your brand or recreate it.

And we can help incorporate the M&A transition into your company’s story – a new chapter with many more to come.

Let’s talk about how we can work together to tell your new story as you transition through mergers and acquisitions.

Meet us for a “Happy Hour.” The ideas are on us!

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